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Growing up, Aysha and Gina didn’t have access to financial education resources. Today, as a married couple, they’re partnering with Veridian to create a successful financial future for their family. 

There was a time when they thought homeownership wasn’t attainable for them. But within a year, they bought their family home and a rental property with Veridian mortgages. 

Their loan advisor, Gigo, helped them through every step of the process, even if he was away from the office. 

“He could kind of tell if we had any hesitation in the process and he would break it down in terms that we could understand,” Gina said. “It made us feel empowered.” 

While the rental property helps fill an important need for women in the community, it also supports their family by building generational wealth for their daughter, something they did not have growing up. 

“I want to make sure we prepare our daughter and other generations to come for their futures,” Aysha said. “It’s about opening doors and providing opportunities that make it easier to obtain financial freedom.” 

Gina and Aysha have utilized educational resources from Veridian to help them work towards their financial goals. They used Credit Central to help make sure they were on the right track to qualifying for a mortgage. 

Now, they are passing these lessons on to their daughter. Even as a teenager, she is beginning to understand the basics of personal finance. 

“We hear her talk about savings goals, about credit,” Gina said. “We hear her talk about those things we never considered when we were 16, let alone 25 years old. We feel like that’s giving her some leverage when it comes to her future.” 

For Gina and Aysha, a key to their success is Veridian’s ability to build relationships with the people they serve. 

“They build trust with you, and make you feel like you’re more than just a client,” Gina said. “The people we’ve worked with have become a part of our family.” 

With Veridian by their side, Gina and Aysha are building a future for themselves and the next generation of their family. 

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