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From credit advice, to buying a home, to who we are here at Veridian, browse our videos to learn more.

Financial Education is the foundation of your relationship with money. We've created the following series to provide you with information on credit scores, loans and more.

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  • Understanding Your Credit Video Series

    Understanding Your Credit Videos

    Learn about credit, including how scores are used, how they're calculated and what you can do to build or repair yours.

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  • Money Management Video Series

    Money Management Video

    Learn ways to create a spending plan to keep track of your money and build a savings.

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  • Buying Your First Home Video Series

    Buying Your First Home Videos

    Learn the steps of the home-buying process from doing your homework and getting pre-qualified, to tips on finding your dream home and closing the deal.

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  • Understanding Insurance Video Series

    Understanding Insurance Videos

    Learn about the importance of having insurance and how different types of insurance work.

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  • Home Equity Loans Video Series

    Home Equity Loans Videos

    We explain how equity can be used for home improvement projects, mortgage refinancing, consolidating debt and more.

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  • How to Buy a Vehicle Video Series

    How to Buy a Vehicle Videos

    Consider the type of car you want, financing terms, the true cost of ownership and how to shop at the dealer while getting your most affordable auto loan.

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  • Understanding Credit Cards Video Series

    Understanding Credit Cards Videos

    We'll share some differences between traditional credit cards and rewards cards and tips for protecting yourself from credit card fraud.

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    Our philosophy of "People Helping People" is as much a core value for Veridian Credit Union today as in 1934. Learn about our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as well as the credit union difference.

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    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Video Series

      Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Videos

      We support diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community.

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    • Hear from Veridian Employees Video Series

      Hear from Veridian Employees Videos

      Hear from employees as they speak to the culture at Veridian.

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    • Iowa Credit Unions: Working For You Video Series

      Iowa Credit Unions: Working For You Video

      Protect financial choice. Learn the difference between banks and credit unions.

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    • Inclusion at Veridian Video Series

      Inclusion at Veridian Videos

      We want to have an inclusive environment where all people are valued. It's not only the right thing to do, it's good business. That's the value of Veridian.

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