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Routing Number: 273976369

Our unique, nine-digit number that functions as an address for your bank.

Become a Business Member

Business memberships at Veridian operate much like our personal memberships.

Become a business member today!

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Your $5 share gives your business a stake in a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned by its members. Veridian offers business members additional services, making day-to-day operations simpler.

To become a business member at Veridian, simply contact one of our Commercial Services Specialists to get started. They will help you select the business package that is right for your unique situation. They can also introduce you to our services, and get you in touch with our commercial lenders if needed.

Need help getting things switched over to Veridian? Let us know! We're happy to help.

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Serving all 50 states digitally with branches in Iowa and Nebraska.

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