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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

"Creating an inclusive environment is a journey, and it’s something we’ve been committed to for years."

            – Renee Christoffer, President & CEO

Veridian strives to be a credit union for everyone, both as a financial provider and an employer. Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy Team has created a plan to help us move toward that goal. Some of the key goals:

  • Increasing homeownership in our communities, especially among historically disadvantaged groups.
  • Providing financial education to help our members take the next steps on their financial journeys.
  • Holding roundtable discussions among staff to hear different perspectives and experiences.
  • Making sure diversity is represented at all levels of the credit union, from membership to management.

Learn more about Veridian's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion:

  • Member Experiences: Hear from members about how Veridian has welcomed and helped them.
  • Our Commitment: Read about Veridian's ongoing efforts to create a diverse, welcoming community.
  • Financial Education: Learn more about spending plans, credit scores and more.
  • Assistive Tools: Learn about Veridian's resources for those with disabilities.
  • Supplier Diversity: Register your business to be considered for Veridian projects.

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