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Routing Number: 273976369

Our unique, nine-digit number that functions as an address for your bank.

Sometimes big bills have a way of pilling up all at once. If your budget is under a little stress, consider using Veridian's Delay-a-Pay service.

With Delay-a-Pay, you can press pause on an eligible loan, postponing your payment. We'll extend the term of your loan by a month each time, and you use can the service twice a year as long as the months aren't consecutive. Delay-a-Pay costs $30 each time you use it. To qualify for Delay-a-Pay, all loans and accounts with Veridian must be current and up to date. Loans that are past due are not eligible. Any borrower on the loan can delay the loan payment.

Loans eligible for Delay-a-Pay
  • Vehicle loans
  • Personal unsecured loans
  • Recreational vehicle loans
  • Share-secured loans
  • Consumer goods loans
Loans unable to be delayed
  • Mortgage loans
  • Two consecutive monthly payments
  • Past due loans
  • More than two payments per year
  • First payment of a new loan

Request Delay-a-Pay

Delaying your payment requires a $30 service fee. Please select how you will pay and proceed accordingly.

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