Start with a Member Equity Savings and a free checking account, then add products and services to fit your needs.

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The Member Equity Savings Account is the base account for your membership. Your $5 minimum balance qualifies you for lifetime membership at Veridian. From there, work with one of our knowledgeable staff members to choose other products and services to add to your membership, based on your unique needs and goals.

Savings and Investments

If you want... Then you need...
Instant access to funds, good rates Member Equity Savings
Instant access to funds, $1,000 minimum balance, better rates Money Market
A way to save for holiday spending Holiday Club
Limited access to funds, minimum balance, higher rates CD
Limited access to funds, tax advantages*, higher rates IRA (retirement/education)
A tax-sheltered savings account* similar to an IRA, but designated specifically for medical expenses. Health Savings Account (HSA)

Accessing Your Funds

If you want... Then you need...
No monthly fees, NCUA insured, and available overdraft protection Free Checking Account
Accounts specifically tailored to children Penny's Adventures Youth Program
Accounts for teens 13-17 U.B.U. Account
Free debit card allows you to make up to 10 withdrawals in a month free at any non-Veridian SHAZAM® Privileged Status Network ATM. Visa ATM/Debit Card
The only cost of a Checking Account is the printing of checks. Additional checks can be ordered online directly through our website. Checks - order online
Protect yourself from costly balancing errors with Automatic Transfer. This service transfers funds, from an account specified by you, in the exact amount of each overdraft. Overdraft Protection


*Consult a tax advisor for additional information

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