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Routing Number: 273976369

Our unique, nine-digit number that functions as an address for your bank.

Veridian's all-volunteer, unpaid Board of Directors is made up of 11 Directors and 3 Associate Directors who oversee strategic planning and general policy setting in the interest of their fellow members. Each director serves a three-year term and is elected at Veridian's Annual Meeting.

Veridian's Board of Directors

Stephanie Atkin Stephanie Atkin Director since 2019
Emsad Begic Emsad Begic Director since 2022
Bill Boevers Bill Boevers Director since 2009
Cynthia Buettner Cynthia Buettner Director since 2018
Larry Loss Larry Loss Director since 2023
Traci McBee Traci McBee Director since 2013
Will Montgomery Will Montgomery Director since 2024
Justine Teut Justine Teut Director since 2017
Cindy Sprole Cindy Sprole Director since 2021
Aubrey Ward Aubrey Ward Director since 2020
Nick Waters Nick Waters Director since 2012

Veridian's Associate Directors

Veridian Credit Union uses an Associate Director program as part of its Board succession and recruitment process. The program prepares future Directors by providing an opportunity for involvement in Board and Committee activities and educational opportunities.

Reed Mick Reed Mick Associate Director since 2023
Jeff Niemeier Jeff Niemeier Associate Director since 2023
Selvedina Nuhanovic Selvedina Nuhanovic Associate Director since 2024

Veridian's Emeritus Director

The Emeritus Director Program of Veridian Credit Union is designed to continue to utilize the knowledge and wisdom of Veridian Credit Union directors when they decide to transition off the Board.

Pam Ayres Pam Ayres Director since 2011

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee helps oversee the Board of Directors.
Current officers are:

  • Chair: Stephanie Atkin
  • Treasurer: Larry Loss
  • Chair Elect: Traci McBee
  • Treasurer Elect: Nick Waters
  • Secretary: Bill Boevers

A call for board candidates is issued each December. Candidates are presented to Veridian's members, who can vote online prior to the Annual Meeting.

View the 2023 Annual Report.
View the recording of the 2024 Annual Meeting.

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