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Our unique, nine-digit number that functions as an address for your bank.

Meet Gina


“Veridian shares my belief that everyone has the right to be financially educated.” – Gina, member

The kitchen table at Gina’s house was always set for six. As a child, she lived with her mother and four siblings. It was a challenge for Gina’s family to pay for necessities with only one income. She knows firsthand how struggles with money can overshadow important conversations about the value of a dollar and having good credit.

Veridian was able to connect with Gina when she was in elementary school. “I told my classmates about my visits to the credit union. It was such an exciting thing to have an account, and it gave me motivation to save,” said Gina, a member since 1995.

Her personal relationship with Veridian has grown over the years. Gina is more aware of her credit score since an employee took time to explain the benefits of saving for a purchase instead of spending money that hasn’t been earned yet. “I find myself planning for more long-term goals and considering things I would have never imagined,” Gina says.

Today, Veridian and Gina work together to provide financial education to children. She is involved with the student support programs in the schools throughout Waterloo. The goal is to make learning about money fun and exciting. 

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