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1. How do I place an ad in the Swap Sheet? 799 Views
2. I forgot my password to the swap sheet. What should I do? 252 Views
3. When will my ad be displayed in the online Swap Sheet and the printed Swap Sheet? 182 Views
4. How do I cancel an ad in the Swap Sheet? 128 Views
5. How long do ads stay on the online swap sheet? 159 Views
6. How do I place a Swap Sheet ad? 208 Views
7. When is the swap sheet updated online? 112 Views
8. What types of items are not allowed in swap sheet? 98 Views
9. Can I request a Swap Sheet ad to appear in the printed version on a certain date? 98 Views
10. What day of the week are printed Swap Sheets available at the branches? 88 Views
11. If I submit an ad online, can it also go in the printed Swap Sheet? 126 Views
12. How often are new ads added to the online Swap Sheet? 101 Views
13. How many times is an ad printed in the paper version of the swap sheet? 100 Views
14. What if I receive an error message when submitting an online Swap Sheet ad? 93 Views
15. I'm a CCO member. How can I get more time sheets? 214 Views

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