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Routing Number: 273976369

Our unique, nine-digit number that functions as an address for your bank.

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question markHow can I make deposits from my smartphone?
We offer Mobile Check Deposit, making it convenient to deposit your checks from your phone. Read a few tips to remember when using Mobile Check Deposit.

question markCan I change my account names in Online Banking?
Yes! You can create nicknames for your accounts to display in Online Banking. You can also change the color indicator next to the account name to better help you distinguish between accounts. Click on the account you wish to update, and choose the pencil icon next to the name.

question markCan I set up alerts and notifications in Online Banking?
Yes, you can choose from a variety of alerts and notifications, including debit card purchase alerts and  balance summaries.

question markCan I transfer funds to another member through the mobile app?
Yes. In the mobile app, click on transfers. If you see the member's account you wish to transfer to, follow the instructions to transfer. If not, click "Add Account" at the top right, then follow the instructions to add the account to the transfer list.

question markHow do I find ATMs in my area?
At home or on the road, you can find an ATM nearby. Visit our ATM locations page to find a Veridian ATM, or search for a free Privileged Status SHAZAM® ATM near you.

question markDo I need to bring my driver's license when I come into a branch?
We'll ask for a valid picture ID the first time you come to a branch. We'll make a copy so we have your ID on file, that way you won't need to remember to show it every time you stop by.

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