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Routing Number: 273976369

Our unique, nine-digit number that functions as an address for your bank.

What do I need to keep in mind with Mobile Check Deposit?

Here are some tips to remember when using Mobile Check Deposit:
  • Take the picture in a well-lit area
  • Make sure there are no shadows on the check
  • Try to take the picture against a dark background
  • Ensure the full check (including the MICR line) appears within the screen
  • Take the picture with a still, focused camera
  • Take the picture "straight-on" rather than at an angle
  • Remember to endorse the check before taking the "back of check" image. Endorsement must state 'For VCU Mobile Deposit Only'.
  • Second party, signed over checks will not be accepted.

All information provided through this site is intended to be accurate. However, there may be inaccuracies from time to time which we will make every attempt to correct immediately.

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