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Mortgage 101: Prequalify


Get prequalified for your next mortgage today.

The best part of buying a new home is picking one out, but that shouldn’t be your first step. Before you start scheduling a slate of open houses, make an appointment with a Veridian mortgage expert to begin the prequalification process. Here are three reasons why that’s the best place to start:

Purchasing power

Once you’re prequalified for a mortgage, you’ll know how much you can spend on a house. That can save you time by narrowing your search only to properties you can afford — and save you the heartache of falling in love with a home you can’t. A discussion of fees and expenses associated with buying a house, like appraisal and title fees, will ensure there aren’t any surprises as you move toward closing.

Your best foot forward

As the housing market heats up, you’re less likely to be the only bidder on any given home, and prequalifying could make the difference between acceptance and rejection. After all, if you were the seller, would you pick an offer with financing already in place or one without? Prequalification shows you’re serious and organized, making your offer that much more attractive.

Condensed closing

If you’re prequalified, you can sign on the dotted line and start moving in even faster. You’ll have worked through any major roadblocks, like errors in your credit report, without the pressure of a closing date growing ever closer.

Getting prequalified for a mortgage is so simple you can do it online. If you’d like to talk to someone in person, you can schedule an appointment with a mortgage originator at one of our branches.

If you’re ready to get your prequalification, apply today for a home loan with a great rate from Veridian.

Mortgages with your best interest in mind. That’s the value of Veridian.

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