Dwolla for Businesses

Dwolla offers your business a cost-effective, safe, and efficient way to move money.


  • Worry less. Dwolla works hard to ensure that your information is secure and safe.
  • Save time. With Veridian and Dwolla, you can make bank-sourced payments in seconds.

How can my business use Dwolla?

  • Mass payouts within seconds. Distribute payments for goods and services with Veridian and Dwolla MassPay. Your employees, contractors, or vendors will appreciate that the payments you send them can be received quickly
  • Stay on time with recurring payments. Collect recurring payments for subscriptions, utilities, rent, and more. Freelancers, farmers, landlords, and countless other business owners use Dwolla to stay punctual, eliminate paper checks, and save money.
  • Streamline your ecommerce experience. Using a shopping cart? Offer Dwolla as a payment option on your ecommerce site. Dwolla offers payment plugins and integrations for a selection of popular shopping cart platforms.
  • Keep it simple for your customers. Let your customers check out faster by integrating Dwolla’s payment buttons on your website. Or, use Form Builder as your custom payment page while collecting just the information you need.
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