Dwolla for Businesses

Dwolla offers your business a cost-effective, safe, and efficient way to move money in real-time. Dwolla has built a network that securely connects to your bank account (no credit cards involved) and allows you to move money quickly and securely.

  • Real-time payments, real-time certainty: Gain control of your cash flow, reduce bounced payments, and eliminate wait times with "always-on" real-time transfers, 24/7/365.
  • Reduce information risk: Send payments without sharing sensitive bank account and routing numbers with your recipients, and receive payments without needing to capture your sender’s bank account information
  • Cheaper than checks and cards: Card acceptance fees can cost you 2 to 4% of your transaction, while check processing fees range from $7 to $25. Dwolla does not charge a per transaction fee so you can use Dwolla free of cost.

How can my business use Dwolla?

  • Integrate ACH transfers: Rather than building your own custom ACH solution, leverage Dwolla’s infrastructure and white label API to create branded account-to-account transfers.
  • Make mass payouts in seconds: Distribute payments for goods and services with Dwolla MassPay. Simply upload a .csv file, and initiate payments in seconds to your employees, contractors, or vendors.
  • Pay on schedule with recurring payments: Recurring payments are perfect for subscriptions, utilities, rent, and more. Freelancers, marketplaces, and countless other business owners use Dwolla to stay punctual while eliminating paper checks.
  • Keep it simple for your customers: Let your customers check out faster by integrating Dwolla’s payment buttons on your website. Or, use Form Builder as your custom payment page while collecting just the information you need.
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