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Veridian ranked No. 1 in the nation


Veridian ranks first among U.S. credit unions in returning value to members.

As a credit union, Veridian is a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned by our members. That means earnings are returned to members through better rates and lower fees. In fact, the value Veridian members receive is nationally recognized.

Callahan & Associates, a national credit union trade organization, publishes a quarterly report to rank all U.S. credit unions by their effectiveness in returning value to members. The Return of the Member Report analyzes credit union performance in three core functions: savings, lending and product usage. For the last five consecutive quarterly reports, Veridian is ranked No. 1 among all federally and state-chartered U.S. credit unions - that's nearly 5,500 credit unions.

“As a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative, there’s no greater compliment than to be recognized for the value we provide to our members,” said Veridian President and CEO Monte Berg. “It’s never been more important for us to raise awareness of the credit union difference, and this report is a valuable demonstration of the ‘people helping people’ credit union philosophy.”

In 2018, members saved an estimated $35.8 million by using products and services at Veridian compared to what they would have paid at a for-profit bank. Learn more about the benefit of the credit union difference in Veridian's 2018 Annual Report.

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