Set a goal for the new year


Many people are talking about their New Year’s resolution. Do you have one for 2020 yet?

Penny likes to think of her New Year's Resolution as a goal. Penny has learned that the goal is easier to reach by doing a little bit each week or month. This year, Penny is saving $5 a month for a new scooter. Penny knows that encouragement from family and friends keeps her on track. That’s why she calls her best friends to hear about their goals and cheers them on.

  • Cash tells Penny he will keep his bedroom clean.
  • Nicki has decided to read out loud to shelter pets each month.
  • Peso wants to be more active and run a race at school or a 5k in the community.

Penny is very proud of her best friends. What will your New Year’s resolution be? Start with one or two goals. You can always add more. Good luck! We know you can do it. Be sure to ask for help from an adult when you need it.

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