Equifax Breach


You can take steps to protect yourself after Equifax's data breach.

Equifax, one of the United States' largest credit-reporting agencies, recently announced a breach in the company's data exposing sensitive information on an estimated 143 million Americans. While the breach did not occur on Veridian's system, we're here to help members connect with resources to determine whether your information was included in the Equifax breach and steps to protect your identity.

Equifax launched a website at and dedicated call center (866-447-7559) to share details about the breach, ongoing updates and resources. On the website, you can:

  1. Check whether your information was likely to have been included in Equifax's breach.
  2. Enroll in free ID theft protection and credit monitoring provided by Equifax. This is available to every U.S. consumer in the country, regardless of whether your information was included in the breach.

As always, Veridian will continue to monitor our members' accounts and alert you to any suspicious activity we find. We encourage you to do the same and notify us promptly if you suspect fraud. If you haven't already, establish a habit of reviewing your monthly statements carefully. You can also choose to set up alerts in Online and Mobile Banking to get more frequent updates about your money.

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