7 tips for smart back-to-school shopping


Make a plan before you shop.

Back-to-school season is just around the corner. And that means back-to-school shopping may be on your agenda.


Between supplies, new clothes and extracurricular activities, the costs can add up. That’s why it’s important to set a budget and make a plan before you start shopping.


Back-to-school shopping reminds us that preparing for each new school year doesn't just begin on the first day. So, here are seven tips to help your dollar go further this back-to-school season:


  1. Look through what you already have at home. You may have unused supplies that can be used this year. Many items, like pencil cases, scissors and protractors, can be used again and again if they’re in good shape.
  2. Compare prices before you buy to get the best deals. You can even ask many stores to price match.
  3. Take advantage of tax-free weekend when shopping for clothes. In Iowa, this will take place on August 5-6 this year.
  4. Determine if purchases can be delayed. Stores have sales on clothes and shoes all the time, so you don’t need to get everything all at once. Kids may grow out of clothes throughout the year anyways.
  5. Buy neutral clothing and shoes that can be worn with anything.
  6. Be mindful of your credit card use for back-to-school shopping. When possible, find cards that have a lower interest rate and let you earn rewards or cash back. Credit cards can be a great tool for getting your child everything they need for school, but be sure to never spend more than you’ll be able to pay off.
  7. Set a budget for extracurricular activities. Your kids may need special clothes or supplies for those as well.

Back-to-school is an important time of year for your kids. Ensuring they have the supplies they need and clothes that fit, and are prepared for extracurricular activities are all important for their academic success this year.


Watch our video series to learn more about the power of budgeting and spending plans.


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