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What is Delay-A-Pay?

We understand that money can get tight sometimes. If you have an unexpected emergency or cash is tight due to another expense, consider Delay-A-Pay. Delay-A-Pay is a service that allows members to "delay" a payment on a loan* twice per calendar year.

To qualify for Delay-A-Pay, all loans and accounts with Veridian must be current. Delay-A-Pay is available for a fee of $30 per loan per instance. Each use of Delay-A-Pay extends the term of your loan by one month. Delay-A-Pay can be used for vehicle loans, recreational vehicle loans, consumer goods loans, personal unsecured loans, and share-secured loans.

If you would like to delay your next loan payment, any borrower on the loan can simply complete the Delay-A-Pay form.

*To qualify, accounts and loans with Veridian must be in good standing. You may not use Delay-A-Pay on your first payment or for concurrent payments within the same calendar year. Business loans, mortgage loans, Visa credit cards, home equity loans, Payday Alternative Loans (PAL), student loans and overdraft lines of credit are not eligible for the Delay-A-Pay program. Additional eligibility limitations may apply depending on loan type and all deferrals are subject to final approval by Veridian.

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