How do I get cash back with a Visa Signature Credit Card?

When you make purchases with your Visa Signature Credit Card, you earn points that you can redeem for cash. If you're meeting the requirements* for the Loyalty Program, you get points equivalent to 2% cash back on your purchases. If you're not, you get points equivalent to 1.5%.

For example, if you make a purchase of $1,000:
  • If you’re earning 2%, you’ll get 2,000 points that you can redeem for $20 cash back.
  • If you’re earning 1.5%, you’ll get 1,500 points that you can redeem for $15 cash back.
You can choose the account where your cash back will be deposited and when it will be redeemed. Automatic redemption occurs annually each November. With on-demand redemption, you can redeem your points for cash whenever you'd like using the Visa® Rewards widget in online banking and our mobile app. If you don't see an option to redeem your points in online banking, you're signed up for automatic redemption. If you would like to change your account for cash-back deposits or your redemption method, please contact us.

*Loyalty Program requires enrolling in eDocs and maintaining either direct deposit of net income to Veridian or, if unavailable, a minimum of 10 qualifying checking account transactions per month. Borrowers will receive standard cash back rate of 1.5% if they fail to meet Loyalty Program qualifications during the month. Points toward cash back are earned at the time of purchase based on your current Loyalty Program status.

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