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Can I make a loan payment online?

Veridian offers several convenient ways to make your loan payments.
  • Transfer in online banking - To make a payment from a Veridian account, simply transfer the funds using online banking. For help or instructions, contact us today.
  • Cross-member transfers - If you'd like to pay your loan with funds located in a separate Veridian membership, we can set up cross-member transfers to allow this action in online banking.
  • Payroll deduction - You can have your payments automatically deducted from your direct deposit at Veridian.
  • ACH Debit Payment – Set up preauthorized monthly payments from your account at another financial
  • To make a one-time payment from another financial institution or credit card, visit our online payment center. There is a $10 charge to use this service. *This service is currently not available to pay a Veridian Visa Credit Card.
For additional information about these options, contact Veridian by chat, phone, or stop by one of our branches.

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