Business Credit Card

Veridian offers a great credit card option for your business with no annual fee.

Veridian Visa Business Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Our Business Platinum Rewards card carries a low, variable rate of Prime plus 7.0% APR, plus lets you earn points toward the rewards you deserve. Points will accumulate with a ratio of 1 point per $1 spent on purchases and have a 60-month expiration date. Points accrue per membership and have a max of 400,000 per year. Reward types will be gift certificates, travel and cash rebate. Manage your rewards online. Rewards details

Features and benefits

  • Support – if you have questions about your card, you can speak with a Veridian representative. We're available over the phone, via live chat, and by email.
  • Online access – monitor your balance, check history, and make payments any time using online banking or TellerPhone (24-hour automated telephone system).
  • Visa Liability Waiver – Protects companies from card misuse by terminated employees up to $100,000 per cardholder.
  • Business Hotel Savings – Provide standard room discounts up to 60% at hotels, resorts, & motels in over 123 countries. For details, call (800) VISA-616.
  • View a full list of benefits!

Ready to Apply?

Business Visa Application

Download and complete the fillable pdf application. Then simply upload your application here, and a Commercial Lender will review your submission.

    Rate expressed as Annual Percentage Rate. Prime means the "Prime Rate" as published under "Money Rates" in The Wall Street Journal. The maximum APR is 18%. Other fees may apply: late payment fee ($15 after 15 days) and returned check fee ($25). Possible fee(s): foreign transaction fee is 1% of each multiple currency transaction or .8% of each single currency transaction.

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