Business Credit Card

Veridian offers a great credit card option for your business with no annual fee.

Veridian Visa Business Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Our Business Platinum Rewards card carries a low, variable rate of Prime plus 7.0% APR, plus lets you earn points toward the rewards you deserve. Points will accumulate with a ratio of 1 point per $1 spent on purchases and have a 60-month expiration date. Points accrue per membership and have a max of 400,000 per year. Reward types will be gift certificates, travel and cash rebate. Manage your rewards online. Rewards details

Features and benefits

  • Support – if you have questions about your card, you can speak with a Veridian representative. We're available over the phone, via live chat, and by email.
  • Online access – monitor your balance, check history, and make payments any time using online banking or TellerPhone (24-hour automated telephone system).
  • Visa Liability Waiver – Protects companies from card misuse by terminated employees up to $100,000 per cardholder.
  • Business Hotel Savings – Provide standard room discounts up to 60% at hotels, resorts, & motels in over 123 countries. For details, call (800) VISA-616.
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Rate expressed as Annual Percentage Rate. Prime means the "Prime Rate" as published under "Money Rates" in The Wall Street Journal. The maximum APR is 18%. Other fees may apply: late payment fee ($15 after 15 days) and returned check fee ($25).

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