Assistive Tools

At Veridian, we are committed to providing convenient ways for you to access your account, receive statements, and use other services.

Visual impairment

  • Braille statements – receive your monthly account and Visa statements in Braille
  • Raised-line checks – these checks allow you to feel the lines that represent places on a check where you would write
  • Audio statements – receive your monthly account and Visa statements on cassette tapes

Large format

  • Large print statements – monthly account and Visa statements are available in large print, magnified 130%
  • Business-sized personal checks – these 8"x 3 3/8" checks use a larger font
  • Large checkbook registers – filling out and balancing your checkbook is easier with this larger format

Ways to interact with us

  • Web site – access your accounts, apply for a loan or a new account 24-hours a day
  • TellerPhone – 24-hour access to accounts, transfers, balances and more
  • Live Chat – use your computer to "talk" online with a Veridian Member Service Representative
  • Teller stations – many of our branches have a teller station at an accessible height for members to complete transactions
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