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Routing Number: 273976369

Our unique, nine-digit number that functions as an address for your bank.

Each year, Veridian employees celebrate the "people helping people" credit union philosophy on International Credit Union Day with random acts of kindness in our communities. It's an annual opportunity to celebrate our not-for-profit, cooperative structure. Credit unions are owned by the people who use our products and services - our members! Earnings are returned to members through better rates and lower fees. Our Board of Directors is democratically elected by members to ensure decisions at the highest level are made in our members' interest. That's the credit union difference and the foundation of our "people helping people" philosophy - and it's cause for celebration!

There's no better way to celebrate "people helping people" than with random acts of kindness. Each of our teams receives a small budget and decides what acts of kindness they'll spread together. Some choose to deliver treats to a local teachers' lounge or wish-list items to a nonprofit organization. Some surprise a stranger at the gas pump or grocery checkout line with a gift card to help pay for their purchase. We leave a small note with each recipient letting them know that we're celebrating International Credit Union Day. That note also invites them to learn more about the credit union difference.

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