Bump-Up CDs

Posted in Articles on Thursday, July 20, 2017

Our Bump-Up CD Special is a great investment.

If you think rates will continue to rise, we’ve got a great product for you. It’s called a Bump-Up 30 Month CD. A Bump-Up is a one-time opportunity to convert your CD to the higher rate for the remainder of its term.

That's right! When you choose a Bump-Up 30 Month CD, you can to "bump up" your rate one time during the 30 month term if rates start to rise. Not only do you get a great rate to begin with, but you could have the opportunity to lock in an even higher rate if you choose.

You can earn more on your investment while creating a successful financial future. 

Bump-Up CD - 30 months

Rate/APY*: 1.80% / 1.81%
Min Balance: $1000

CD Special! 15 months

Rate/APY*:1.80% / 1.81%
Min Balance:$1000

CD Special! 9 months

Rate/APY*:1.50% / 1.51%
Min Balance:$1000

Jumbo Special! 9 months

Rate/APY*: 1.60% / 1.61%
Min Balance: $100,000

Jumbo Special! 15 months

Rate/APY*: 1.90% / 1.91%
Min Balance: $100,000

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