CD rates are on the rise

Posted in Articles on Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Invest in a CD to help you reach your financial goals.

Our great rates mean that you'll see a higher rate of return, so you can watch your investment grow. Compare our CD's, and choose one with the best savings plan for your unique situation:

Jumbo Special! 9 months

Rate/APY*: 1.19% / 1.20%
Min Balance: $100,000

Jumbo Special! 25 months

Rate/APY*:1.89% / 1.90%
Min Balance:$100,000

Jumbo Special! 39 months

Rate/APY*:1.94% / 1.95%
Min Balance:$100,000

9 month CD

Rate/APY*: 1.10% / 1.10%
Min Balance: $1,000

25 month CD

Rate/APY*: 1.79% / 1.80%
Min Balance:$1,000

39 month CD

Rate/APY*: 1.84% / 1.85%
Min Balance:$1,000

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