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Our Bump-Up CD Special is a great investment.

If you think rates will continue to rise, we’ve got a great product for you. It’s called a Bump-Up 30 Month CD. A Bump-Up is a one-time opportunity to convert your CD to the higher rate for the remainder of its term.

That's right! When you choose a Bump-Up 30 Month CD, you can to "bump up" your rate one time during the 30 month term if rates start to rise. Not only do you get a great rate to begin with, but you could have the opportunity to lock in an even higher rate if you choose.

You can earn more on your investment while creating a successful financial future. 

Bump-Up CD - 30 months

Rate/APY*: 2.625% / 2.65%
Min Balance: $1000

CD Special! 15 months

Rate/APY*:1.80% / 1.81%
Min Balance:$1000

CD Special! 9 months

Rate/APY*:1.50% / 1.51%
Min Balance:$1000

Jumbo Special! 9 months

Rate/APY*: 1.60% / 1.61%
Min Balance: $100,000

Jumbo Special! 15 months

Rate/APY*: 1.90% / 1.91%
Min Balance: $100,000

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*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Dividends on savings are compounded monthly. Interest on CDs are compounded quarterly. APY is subject to change after account is opened. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal, and fees could reduce earnings on account. Other rates and terms available. Withdrawal of earnings could reduce APY. Membership subject to qualifications and a minimum $5 share deposit.

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