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How can I make deposits from my smartphone?
We offer Mobile Check Deposit, making it convenient to deposit your checks from your phone. Read a few tips to remember when using Mobile Check Deposit.

Can I view my loans in the mobile app?
Yes. If you have opened a loan after enrolling in the mobile app, you will need to update your preferences and settings before seeing your loan in the mobile app.

Can I transfer funds to another member through the mobile app?
Yes. If you can see your member transfer option in online banking, but not the app, update your preferences and settings. If this is your first time setting up a member to member transfer, contact us to set it up before visitng preferences and settings.

How do I find ATMs in my area?

At home or on the road, you can find an ATM nearby. Visit our ATM locations page to find a Veridian ATM, or search for a SHAZAM® ATM near you.

Do I need to bring my driver's license when I come into a branch?
We'll ask for a valid picture ID the first time you come to a branch. We'll make a copy so we have your ID on file, that way you won't need to remember to show it every time you stop by.

What are members saying?

"Veridian treats their members like people, not numbers."

"I have always been pleased with the services available; the friendly, professional staff; and the confidence I have that Veridian is secure and honest."

"Every one is treated with dignity and respect, no matter what their credit score is or how much money is in their account."

"Veridian is a great place to belong."

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