System Upgrade - Veridian

System Upgrade

Coming soon!

At Veridian Credit Union, we’re upgrading our system to better serve our members in the future. Here’s how this affects you:

  • All Veridian branches and the Member Contact Center will be closed Saturday, Aug. 31, until Tuesday, Sept. 3. 
  • Online banking, our mobile app, Live Chat and TellerPhone will be unavailable from 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 30 until Tuesday, Sept. 3.
  • You can continue to use your debit, credit and ATM cards.
  • After the upgrade, we will no longer ask for your member number. The best way to access your accounts moving forward will be with an account number or your phone number.
  • Your savings, checking and loan account numbers will change slightly.
  • Online loan applications will be unavailable during the upgrade.

These changes are explained in more detail below, as well as steps you can take to prepare.

Service Schedule

Here's a detailed rundown of our services and when they will be available during the upgrade.

  • Branches and night drops: Closed Saturday, Aug. 31, until Tuesday, Sept. 3
  • Member Contact Center: Closing at 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 30, until Tuesday, Sept. 3
  • Debit, credit and ATM cards: Can be used at any time
  • Online banking, our mobile app and Bill Pay: Offline at 7 p.m. Friday until the afternoon of Tuesday, Sept. 3
  • TellerPhone, Live Chat and online loan applications: Offline at 7 p.m. Friday until Tuesday, Sept. 3
  • Online loan payments: Offline at 7 p.m. Friday until Tuesday, Sept 3.

This information is also available in a chart you can download and print for your convenience. Curious why we chose Labor Day weekend?

Savings Accounts

Savings account numbers will no longer include hyphens and will consist of your member number plus the two-digit account number. For example, the new #1 savings account number under member number 123450 would be 12345001.

Multiple Member Equity Savings accounts
After the upgrade, $5 will be reserved only in the savings account tied to the oldest membership on which you are the primary member. All other savings accounts will no longer have $5 on hold and will be called Additional Savings.

Checking Accounts

Current checking account numbers will change to the 13 digits printed at the bottom of your checks, starting with 15900, and will no longer include hyphens.

You will not need new checks; your current checks already use the 13-digit account number.

Loan Accounts

Loan account numbers will no longer include hyphens and will consist of your member number plus the three-digit account number. For example, a 151 loan account under member number 123450 would have an account number of 123450151. Visa loan account numbers will change as well, but they will not follow that example.


If you currently have multiple Veridian memberships, you receive multiple statements. Beginning in October, accounts that are registered to the same Social Security number and mailing address will be combined on one statement. Representative payee account statements will be mailed separately.

Debit, Credit and ATM Cards

There will be no change to your debit, credit and ATM cards. Your card numbers will not change. You may continue to use them during and after the upgrade.

Transfers and Direct Deposits

Any recurring payments or direct deposits you have set up with your Veridian accounts will continue to work after the upgrade. Any transfers scheduled during Labor Day weekend will process once the upgrade is complete. You’ll need to use your new account numbers to set up deposits and payments going forward.

 Internal transfers

After the upgrade, all transfers from one Veridian account to another Veridian account or loan will process seven days a week. This means money will be transferred from your account on weekends and holidays.

Online Banking & Mobile App

Online banking and our mobile app will be unavailable during the upgrade beginning at 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 30, until the afternoon of Tuesday, Sept. 3. There will not be any changes to how online banking or our mobile app work. Your login information will remain the same, aside from certain specialty accounts.

Specialty Accounts

Some trust, representative payee, agency, commercial and doing-business-as account logins will change as part of the upgrade. Members with affected accounts will be notified separately.

Quicken User Help

Quicken users will need to reconnect accounts after the upgrade. Check back for more details and instructions on reconnecting your Quicken accounts.

What You Can Do

While most of the action will occur behind the scenes, here are some steps you can take to be ready for the upgrade.

 Verify your contact information

Next time you’re in a branch, on the phone with us or in online banking, take a minute to check that we have your most up-to-date address, phone number and – especially – email. We want to make sure you’re in the know!

 Prepare for upgrade weekend

While you can continue to use your debit, credit and ATM cards, our branches will be closed over the holiday weekend. You may want to withdraw extra cash for your convenience over the long weekend. If you are traveling, be sure to contact Veridian in advance so your cards continue to work. Please note you will not be able to make transfers or otherwise access your accounts.

 Check your inbox

We will send out more communication about the system upgrade as it gets closer, so please keep an eye out.

 Get preapproved

We will not be able to process loan applications during the upgrade. If you are planning to shop for a vehicle over Labor Day weekend, contact Veridian prior to Friday, Aug. 30, to get preapproved.

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