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  • Mobile Banking

    Veridian Mobile Banking is a safe and secure way to complete your financial transactions from the convenience of your cell phone. In this video series, Sarah, a Veridian employee, shows you how to use popular features of our mobile banking service. View video series

  • How to Buy a Car

    Learn the right way to buy or lease a car. There are a lot of things to consider -- such as the type of car you want, the financing terms, the true cost of car ownership and how to shop at the dealership while getting your most affordable auto loan. View video series

  • Explaining Health Insurance

    These days, many people are still wondering how the Affordable Care Act might affect them. In this video series, we clear up some of the confusion surrounding healthcare reform, including how to find out if you qualify for financial assistance, how to get started on the Marketplace, and the benefits of working with a health insurance agent throughout the process. View video series

  • Home Equity Loans

    There's a lot of confusion surrounding home equity loans, and that's mostly because the word "equity" can be hard to define. In this series, we explain what it means to have equity in your home, and we share information about how that equity can be used for home improvement projects, refinancing your mortgage, consolidating debt and more. View video series

  • Inclusion at Veridian

    At Veridian Credit Union, we want to have an inclusive environment where all people are valued. It's not only the right thing to do, it's good business. In achieving our mission of partnering with members to create successful financial futures, we welcome everyone. That's what makes us Veridian -- where everyone belongs! View video series

  • Inclusion - Building Connections

    At Veridian Credit Union, everyone belongs. In this video series, Veridian members share their Veridian stories. View video series

  • Understanding Your Credit Score

    Understanding Your Credit Score

    A credit score plays a significant role in every person's financial future. Learn about how credit scores are determined and affected, how to get a free report every year and how to improve a poor credit score. View video

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