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What is a Kirby Kangaroo membership?

Saving is fun with Kirby Kangaroo! Children 12 and younger who join will receive a bank and a Kirby Kangaroo newsletter, included with your statement four times a year. The newsletters are full of activities and pictures. Kirby Kangaroo Club members are also invited to special events in the community sponsored by Veridian Credit Union.

Open a Kirby Kangaroo Club savings account with a $5.00 minimum deposit and earn dividends on the money you save. Dividends are figured on the daily balance and posted monthly. Kirby Kangaroo Club kids can also purchase a CD with a minimum of $100 for a 12-month term or greater, up to 60-months.

At age 13, Kirby Kangaroo accounts are transferred to a teen savings account called U.B.U. Any current Kirby CDs are allowed to mature, and those funds are then transferred to a new U.B.U. savings account.

Visit the Kirby Kangaroo Club website!

View the Kirby Newsletter.

Learn more about the Kirby app.

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