New Online and Mobile Banking Coming Soon

Posted in Articles on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Are you ready for the next evolution of online and mobile banking?

You asked, and we've answered. We're building better banking just for you. Here are some of the exciting enhancements of the upcoming online and mobile banking:

  • Full Integration - You’ll enjoy the same username and password for both online and mobile platforms.
  • Simpler Access - We’ve brought everything together in one place. From your dashboard, you can now view all memberships and accounts associated with you.
  • Fully Customizable - Personalize your experience by setting up things the way you like them. You can customize your profile with an image, rearrange your dashboard and much more.
  • Quick Transfers - Move money in seconds. Our new “Quick Transfer” feature is built for speed with pre-set accounts and dollar amounts.
  • Faster Payments - Make the most of electronic bill payments. With more companies accepting ePayments, we’ll take days off your delivery time.
  • Cross-member transfers - Transfer money to another member directly and instantly from your Veridian account.
  • Improved Alerts - Be more in tune with your money. You’ll enjoy more notification types and many ways to customize them.
  • And More! There are many other features involving cross-member transfers, better search capabilities and much more.

Still have questions about what's coming? Learn more and get the answers you need.


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