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Pay Anyone with Dwolla
With Veridian's P2P (Person to Person) serivce powered by Dwolla, you can securely transfer money to anyone in the United States using an email address or phone Dwollanumber.

It’s only 25 cents per transaction or free for transactions $10 or less. To get started, sign in to online banking, then select Dwolla from the Transfers tab.

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Why Dwolla?
  • Send money to the people and places that matter most.
  • Stay on time with recurring payments, avoid paper checks, and save money. Whether it’s rent, monthly CSA shares, gifts, or any other transaction, Dwolla makes recurring payments simple.
  • Use Dwolla to make purchases at participating merchants.
  • Keep your money in one place. Once you've signed up for Dwolla, you have the ability to have your Dwolla balance automatically transferred straight to your Veridian account.

Learn about using Dwolla for your business.