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Financial Education
Building your family
Having a baby is a time filled with happiness and warm thoughts of the future. To best prepare yourself financially for your new arrival, it can help to create a separate budget. and identify new or increased expenses baby will bring, like daycare, to find out how much you'll need once baby arrives. How much will it cost to raise a child?

Factors to consider:

  • Should my spouse work too?
  • Can you save money on any of these items by using hand-me-downs, or by getting items from thrift stores, yard sales or on websites like or
  • Can money be saved by breastfeeding whenever possible instead of buying formula?
  • Will there be income lost from time away from work?
  • Will there be expenses related to writing or re-writing wills?
  • Can you expect increases in premiums for life or disability insurance?
  • Will you be making contributions to college or other savings for the child?
  • Will you need to buy a new car or move to a larger home?
  • In what other areas will money be saved, like taxes or entertainment expenses?

Once you feel confident in your budget, you can concentrate on what really matters, like capturing photos of that first smile.

No matter where you are on your journey, we can help! Contact one of our professionalstoday for personalized guidance.