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Certificates of Deposit
If you're looking for a higher rate of return, you may want to consider a CD from Veridian. Traditionally CDs pay a higher rate than other savings accounts.

Add-On Certificate of Deposit
Open an Add-On CD with only a $500 minimum deposit and add to it as often as you'd like within its 12-month term.

Bump-Up Certificate of Deposit

Take advantage of rising rates with a Bump-Up Certificate of Deposit. With just a $1,000 minimum deposit, you can bump your interest rate up to the current Bump-Up rate one time during the 30-month term.

Jumbo Certificate of Deposit

If you're looking for a risk-free investment opportunity for your higher dollar deposit, look to a Jumbo CD. Earn a higher rate of return with your $100,000 minimum deposit.

Starter Certificate of Deposit

Reach your savings goal gradually. Start small by depositing the minimum $50 and add to your balance as often as you want within its 12-month term.

HSA Certificate of Deposit

Available to Health Savings Account holders with a $1,000 minimum deposit. With an HSA CD, you have the option to choose from any of our CD terms, with the exception of our $500 Add-On certificate. However, you can take advantage of our CD specials with terms of 7, 15, 25, or 39 months.

The interest on a CD is calculated daily and posted quarterly and on maturity. Interest can be withdrawn anytime after it is posted during the term of the certificate or left in your CD to compound. Certain restrictions apply. Early withdrawal does result in a penalty.


For more information about Certificates of Deposit, email or call today to talk with a Veridian Representative.